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Is your packaging recyclable?

We provide an online platform to assess the recyclability of your packaging in the local context.

Need help with the Mandatory Packaging Reporting?

We partnered with Zero Waste City to offer an end-to-end solution to help you comply with the MPR. Click here to know more.

When is a packaging "recyclable"?​

Based on ISO14021, a packaging is recyclable if:

1. Customers have a reasonable access to recycling program 

2. Technologies are available locally to sort then recycle the product

3. There is a market for the recycled material


Sealed Air is an international packaging supplier with a presence in Asia Pacific and a strong supporter of this industry-led initiative in Australia and New Zealand, [the Australian Recycling Labelling Scheme]. With the online platform, PREP, we now have a clear target for our commitment to recyclable packaging by 2025. We are very excited to see this labelling scheme expanding to South East Asia thanks to Label for Recycling. We hope that companies will adopt and support this labelling scheme to unify and harmonise recycling status of materials and maximise the opportunity and impact on consumer behaviour education.

Alan Adams, Sustainability Director APAC at Sealed Air

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Make recycling easier for consumers

We also offer a set of standardised labels to remove confusion and make recycling easy for consumers.
These labels are already in use in Australia and New Zealand.