Comply with the Mandatory Packaging Reporting easily

Mandatory Packaging Reporting
in a nutshell

What is it?

Mandatory Packaging Reporting is a new regulation introduced by the Resource Sustainability Act and which is enforced by the NEA. It will be officially active on 1st January 2021.

Who is impacted?

All businesses which import or use packaging in Singapore and with a turnover >$10M. It includes:

  • Retailers such as supermarkets, sport, medicines, cosmetics…
  • Importers
  • Brand owners
  • Other outlets using packaging such as hotels, chain of restaurants, caterers, food delivery businesses…

What do businesses have to do?

Quantify the amount of packaging introduced to Singapore and provide a packaging improvement plan.

What challenges businesses are facing?

The level of details

A high level of details is expected by the regulator. For instance, for a beer bottle, the business must report separately the glass bottle, the paper label, the aluminium cap, and the plastic lining under the cap.


In some cases, it can be difficult to determine who is responsible for the reporting when the importer, manufacturer, brand owner, and retailers are different entities.

Lack of knowledge

Identifying areas of improvement is not a straight forward and companies will need support. Also, many companies do not know if their packaging is recyclable in the first place.

Resources limitations

For companies with an extensive range of products, it will be a very time-consuming exercise.

What do we offer?

"Do it Yourself" solution

An online platform to structure and facilitate the packaging assessment and reporting by businesses. This tool determines the recyclability of packaging based on the local context. (Do It Yourself service).

Outsource the work

A full suite of services to collect data, prepare the report and 3R Plan on behalf of and with businesses (Outsource the work).

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Latest NEA information slide deck (14th May 2020)