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What is Recyclable Packaging?

A piece of packaging is recyclable, if:

  1. Consumers have access to a recycling program such as separated waste bins
  2. Technologies are available to locally sort and then recycle the packaging
  3. There is a market value for the recycled material

This makes it tricky for a consumer to figure out what’s recyclable.

The Label For Recycling (L4R) Scheme

A labelling scheme that helps consumers in South East Asia segregate their waste. It clearly communicates how different parts of packaging can be properly disposed.

Assess and redesign your way to recyclability

  1. Businesses can assess the local recyclability of their packaging on PREP (Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal)
  2. Using this information, PREP can be used to redesign product packaging in order to improve its overall recyclability
  3. Upon completing the assessment, the PREP label can be printed on the product packaging to communicate how it should be properly disposed of

Ensure you always have the most up-to-date information

  • PREP draws data from local government agencies, sorters and recyclers to provide evidence-based information to its users
  • Additionally, the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), made up of industry experts, ensures PREP’s quality, reliability, relevance and transparency

Be Part of The Solution

If you want to:

  • improve the environmental impact of your packaging
  • help your customers and the community recycle right
  • support recyclability claims on your packaging
  • build your company’s in-house capability to design sustainable packaging
  • have a comprehensive 3R Plan for your business

Become a member of the L4R Scheme!

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