Access transparent and reliable information on the recyclability of packaging

What is PREP?

Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (PREP) 

​It is an online platform which simulates the waste management ecosystem and determine if packaging is recyclable or not, and why. ​

MPR Worksheet 

Under the Mandatory Packaging Reporting, PREP gives you a structured way to collect details about packaging, provides insights to prepare the 3R Plan, and generate the data report (this last feature will be operational on 1st July 2020).


How much does it cost?

Annual fee based on your annual turnover (even SMEs can join!)​​

3 major benefits

Corporate image
Show visible commitment to sustainability
Sustainability Goals
Achieve your 2025 targets on 100% recyclable packaging
Regulatory Compliance
Support compliance with Singapore Mandatory Packaging Reporting

Already used in many countries

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